Last Time Around

So, after making such a big deal about updating my blog I’ve now left it what five weeks?

Well let me catch you up. I went home for the easter break which was all in all excellent but I didn’t feel like I really got a break so I wasn’t ready to come back.

Then to Nan’s in the second week with Vikki-soulmate-Knowles so we had some fun. Or you know, made our own. And then during the third week I was at home but I was in major stress mode. I was filming the documentary on Daisy which I’m donating to the AAT and trying to do all other kinds of work.

This term I have gone into Type-A personality overdrive. Literally I have not had real fun since I got back. I’m not worried about it as much as other people are – mum.

They moved up the deadline for my documentary by a week so I spent no less then fifteen hours working on it in the editing room. I felt like I had cabin fever while I was suffering through.

And I had an article and reflective piece and production log to do as well. Thank god all 4500 words of those are done.

Now, all i have to do is  2000 word essay on media events BUT I don’t know where I’m going with it. I have a plan and everything but I really don’t know.

And I want my grade for my documentary back from Marc. I’m not expecting a first because I’m not delusional but a 2.1. PLEASE!

And I keep having nightmares, they’re all about an old best friend and tbh I thought I was over that. I want to tell my counsellor this but she keeps taking me off topic.

I flushed my antidepressants the other day because having them around was making me worried that I’d OD. I don’t take them anymore-still haven’t told the doctor – but I don’t take them because I’m scared this will create a dependency. And that I might not be able to cope without them.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling, a more coherent update next time- I’ve got an essay to do.


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