Jerry Springer

I am in keeping with my song titles/blog titles theme btw. This is Jerry Springer by Weird Al Ya-something-or-other.

I found the song hilarious when I heard it after searching for Jerry Springer clips on YouTube.

I have recently become obsessed with Jerry Springer – hilarious!!!! I mean, I know that this is Trash TV at its best but you know. It’s comic relief, and it gives me a laugh a second.

Above is one of my favourite clips – so funny it hurts 🙂

You may notice that the guy in there is not Jerry, he is Steve Wilkos – the head of Jerry’s security team. He now has his own show, also brilliant but not half as funny. He tends to focus on more important issues than whose sleeping with who. Most of them make me cry at some point.

Take some time out and watch


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