Summer of ’69

Yesterday was a gooooooood day.

We were supposed to have a rehearsal for our TV news day but only eight people turned up. And we didn’t have the TV studio booked so we couldn’t do any proper rehearsals. So instead, when we went to Marc, he arranged for us to rehearse today and have the assessed news day next week.

We decided to play a prank on the people who hadn’t turned up. We rang them and told them that the assessed news day had been moved up and that they had an hour to get to the Uni or they would lose 20% of their grade. We rung Dean and he ran over as quick as he could (luckily he saw the funny side). Rob didn’t seem very concerned, as is Rob’s temperament so he didn’t really care when we rang him back and told him it was a joke.

Laura on the other hand did not see the funny side, in fact, I doubt she’s seen the funny side of anything. We did take it too far when we were telling her that it had been moved up, but she was crying. It was not that bad. GOD!!

I took the phone off Adam and apologised to her for the entire group because she was so angry and then she says that she’s going to tell Marc. She’s going to tell the teacher on us, what is this; year six? It was just a joke!

Anyway, after the Laura debacle we went to get McDonald’s and play in the park. That was a good time 🙂

Sun, takeout and games. It was like one of the old summer times that we had when we were a kid that I miss.

That was until Spratt kicked the football straight in my head. I was blocking Dean so that Spratt could try to score and he wallops me in the head, proper wallops as well. Fucking caned. I’ve got a dent in my head because I was wearing my glasses. The poor thing though, he’s totally being bullied about it. Sorry Spratt, I am okay though.

TODAY, when we went into broadcast Laura was wearing a neck brace. I have never felt more like a douche in my life. But then she spent the whole day complaining and blaming everyone in the class for her problems. I just, I don’t even know what to say.C’mon sweetie. We took it too far but you’ve always taken everything too far. This was a little bit of revenge, but sorry. Grow up!

This is even what Marc told her in class, uh oh.

Also, I got my documentary back. Hell it wasn’t even a 2.2. I got 48%, that canes. I know realistically that I only need to pass all the modules this year (and that first years marks don’t count) and I’m not even taking broadcast next year but if he’d have seen all the work that I put into this documentary, he’d know that I deserved more.

I have to get a high 2.1 in the news day next week and in the production log to maintain a 2.1 overall which I really, really want.

Grr, I’m so not happy. I’ve just redone my production log though so hopefully I can get good grades


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