It’s only the end of the world

So a fashion store in Sicily is using Hitler to advertise their brand now, are they?

New Form has erected 18ft posters all across the city, showing the dictator in a pink nazi uniform, with the swastika covered by a pink heart. They claim that the posters which state ‘Don’t follow your leader’, are encouraging young people to stand out from the crowd and not slavishly follow fashion.

Total Bull!

Why would a clothing store tell young women (its main consumers) that they shouldn’t follow the crowd? The only ways they can do that (make their own clothes, buy from charity shops) would hurt the profits of the store.

This abominable piece of advertising only serves one aim: to get people talking about the store, which now I am. It is art, in a way. It’s there to shock, it’s there to horrify and most importantly it’s there to get people thinking and talking about it.

But that still doesn’t mean it was a good choice from the advertising execs. Putting up posters of a man responsible for the deaths of six million jews in the concentration camps and up to 100 million over all (total casualties from WWII according to Wikipedia) will never, ever be a good idea and should not be tolerated.

And you would think that as Italy was under Mussolini at the time of Hitler’s rule that they would be sensitive to the issue.

I can’t talk about this more without wanting to throw things so thank you and good night


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