I don’t miss you at all

I want to freeze time and then fast forward. There aren’t enough hours in the day and then there are too many. I don’t know what to do with myself.

Every time I set aside hours to do my essay, I am distracted by Google. It is then that I realise that I am not avoiding my essay in order to search ‘Gabe Saporta naked’. I am in fact avoiding her and the only excuses I can come up with are that I’m ill or I have work to do. If I’m ‘ill’ too many times it looks suspicious and then people start to worry.

I just wish that she wouldn’t bring up that she ‘hasn’t seen me in ages’. We live in the same house. She saw me yesterday! Does it really matter that I don’t want to spend every night huddled up in our freezing living room, in the dark because everyone else is watching a film I’m not interested in?

I don’t really care if she misses me. She can miss me til I’m gone because after Uni, I won’t ever see her again. I count off the days til either shee or I leave the house and thankfully, the counter is down to 2 days now.

She drives me insane


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