Winter Passing

It is minus four in Ormskirk tonight and the boiler has broken. The pressure’s fine, there’s money on the meter but the pilot light is out. My landlord as you can imagine is just the picture of chivalry and has ignored all my phone calls.

The best bit is that none of my housemates are here this weekend, so what do I do? Do I ring a boiler man myself and charge Billy? And what will my housemates say tomorrow when they come back? Somehow this will end up being my fault.

I think I shall send a text; ‘Dear all, boiler has broken. Anyone who does not wish to freeze should stay at home a few more days. Thank you Emma. P.S I’m going home, see you when the ice age has ended.’

We’ve stuck the oven on to warm up the lounge but we’re going to have to wrap up tonight. I’m already wearing three layers and I’m freezing. I shall wear gloves in bed and a hat. COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to go home. I hate it here. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

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One thought on “Winter Passing

  1. Tash says:

    Awww Emma 😦
    Just think, it’s only a couple of weeks left.
    It’s not warm down here either, at least you’ll get snow.
    Beautiful snow, I wish we had it regularly.

    And, live with whoever will make you the happiest next year, yours and those around you are the most important.

    This is really unstructured but I’m a little hyper, hope other your heat issue things are going alright. Just think in a years time, it’ll nearly be the end and you’ll make a career out of it, and then can tell liverpool to suck it. Not literally.

    Love you, miss you, dance it out your system 🙂 xxx


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