One step at a time

My carbon footprint is 0.71 tonnes per year, much less than the national average of 4.46 tonnes, which is good.

However, this is likely to be because I am poor; too poor to own a car; too poor to leave appliances on standby (most of the time); so poor I have to walk everywhere.

But my carbon footprint is still the equivalent of  making 40, 192 cups of tea per year. And this needs to come down, I know I’m British but no one needs that much tea 😛

So, what is my plan?

Well unfortunately I only rent the house so I can’t fit insulation etc. but I will begin by getting a draft excluded for my room.  I also can’t buy a energy-saving dishwasher/washing machine/tv because these models are supplied by the landlord.

I shall tell the housemates when they get back that it might be a cheaper idea to rely on the electric heaters, rather than central heating as they use less co2 and cost only pennies to heat.

I will fit energy-saving lightbulbs, when the previous ones have died but it wouldn’t do any good to it now and throw the current ones onto a landfill.

So this is the first milestone completed(ish) but I can’t really help it that there isn’t much I can do.

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