Wet hot American summer


I’m so excited about going to Florida 🙂 I can’t believe I’ll be working at Disney World. Who the hell works  for the Walt Disney World for their first job (bar Mouseketeers)?

I owe a lot to Zoe, because I was feeling really shitty when we were applying and if it wasn’t for her, I can pretty much guarantee I wouldn’t have finished the application. Because of  Zoe, I’ll spend my summer in Florida.

Tanning, Disney-ing, and working 50 hours weeks….. uh oh!

But yay!

I can’t wait. I leave May 31st and finish work on August 19th but I think I might go up the east coast. Spend some time in NYC and Salem, Massachusetts 🙂 I just have to convince Zoe to do this. So I won’t be back til September.

This, apart from being fucking amazing, will complete two of my goals. Working abroad and Spending July 4th in the USA but I won’t cross those off til I’ve done it.

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