It was a very good year

I feel wiser now that I have read the BBC compiled list of things we did not know this time last year.

My personal favourites are;

13. You can pay for university tuition with Tesco Clubcard points.

But only at the Open University and this has since been disbanded so it looks like £24,000 of debt for me 😦

38. In the US, 30% of teenagers send more than 100 texts a day.

RSI is on the increase, I take it

53. Hamburger-related injuries are on the rise in Taiwan.

Erm, how?!

69. It’s possible to watch 28,000 films in a lifetime.

Or to watch Yes Man 28,000 times…

86. Flamingos use make-up.
It’s worrying that a flamingo is more concerned with its appearance than me

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