Somebody told me

I think it may be wrong to find so much glee in the idea that one’s house has something wrong with it. My glee however, comes not from the burst pipe but from the fact that I have another week at home so this is someone else’s problem. Now, they shall know what I went through with the boiler.

I don’t know what room the burst pipe is in, hopefully not mine, or Lucy’s  (her room is above me) or the kitchen (my food) or the lounge (how will i get to my food?). Ah well, my bet is that it is the kitchen but I shall update you when Sarah texts me back.

EDIT: It’s not my room, but the downstairs has an inch of water all over it. All the electrics are fucked and I want to scream!!!!!! It’s uninhabitable so I’m a bit screwed because what do I do now?

EDIT TWO: I want to give up the alcohol ban now, please and thank you

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