True Friend

There’s probably not a lot of people who would drive three and a half hours each way to see me for just about twenty-four hours. In fact, there’s probably only one.

This week hasn’t been good as you know, because of the house situation, being back in halls and everything else that made me upset. I had prepared myself for a weekend alone because well I don’t live with people I like anymore.

Then out-of-the-blue, Vikki texted me on Friday asking if she could come up. I was a bit worried that I’d blown everything out of proportion and made people really quite worried about me. I didn’t want to make it seem terrible when really it was pretty okay and I was over-reacting.

Nevertheless, I count myself extremely lucky to have a best friend who will take a seven hour round trip to make sure that I’m okay 🙂

I love you Vikki Knowles ❤

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