You can’t be missed if you never go away

Dear friends,

It has come to my attention that some people think I am going to the United States for three months, this is simply not true.

I leave on May 31st and arrive back in the UK no later than September 1st but this is not three months, you will go without seeing me.

As you can see clearly from the below calender; originally you have 92 days to miss me.

Minus the average three days a week that you will  be working over the summer (39 (13 weeks x 3 days)) is 53 days.

Minus the average two days a week that you will  be seeing your other friends (26 (13 weeks x 2 days)) is 27 days.

Minus the average three days a month that you will  be having family time (9 (3 months x 3 days)) is 18 days.

Minus the average four days a month that you will  be working on uni work  (12 (3 months x 4 days)) is 6 days.


Now, if you can’t go more than six days in one whole summer without seeing me then you like me a bit too much and you should maybe get some hobbies… 😛

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