Baby you’re a rich man

Like? I freaking loved it. 

Facebook may be the biggest social network in the world right now but a film about its creation doesn’t sound like the best plot line by a long shot.

Nevertheless, The Social Network combines the traditional themes of love, friendship, envy and revenge with a healthy dash of teenage angst to make this not a story about Facebook but a story about life.

Out of the main characters Eduardo Saverin, played by British actor Andrew Garfield, is the only one to come across in a good light. Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg is portrayed as extremely intelligent but somewhat lacking in social skills, causing him to be blunt- verging on rude- with his quick comebacks. Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake, at first seems to self absorbed but quickly dissolves into a paranoid mess. The Winklevoss twins, both played by Armie Hammer, are the film’s comic relief, delivering the more amusing lines of dialogue.

The young cast gave a great performance with a brilliant script. Witty and intelligent from the start, this film will surely become one of the classics from the i- generation.

The Social Network is released on Blu-Ray and dvd on February 14th.

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