The story of us (looks a lot like a tragedy now)

Love, it seems, is the most breakable possession we humans have. The rate of divorce having gone steadily up since 1850 with the exception of the turbulent post-WWII years, where they rose and fell dramatically.

Why would I look this up?

Well, today, I read on MSN news that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are divorcing having been married nearly three years. Ashlee filed for divorce on February 8th citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ but it is not revealed how long they have been apart for. They have one son, Bronx, age two who I feel really sorry for.

It was reported that Ashlee has applied for joint custody, but primary physical custody of Bronx and spousal support. Btw, spousal support? I thought she was a singer in her own right…not a very good one but she still made money.

Why is everyone falling out of love? Is it so hard to keep a relationship going in the public eye?

Gabe and Bianca broke up, reputedly days after this video aired for the first time, having been together five years.

Don’t they look happy? Now, however, Gabe seems to have entered a relationship downward spiral. His posts on his blog and twitter suggest that he is not over her, which makes me sad. I miss happy Gabe.

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