There’s no going back

Dear all,

I have recently become a member of Social Vibe.

It is a website set up to earn money for charities all around the  world. You can do this too by simply creating a profile and doing small activities online, which translate into points. These point in turn generate money to help your chosen charity. So you’re helping a charity, but still saving your money.

So who’s footing the bill? Giant corporations like Coca Cola (who make enough money out of me).

My cause is Action for Animals which helps to educate people about meat-free and cruelty-free living and free animals from the slaughterhouses.

They have many deserving causes that might be of interest to some of my readers; diabetes research, the environment, WWF. They didn’t have an Anthony Nolan Trust cause, sorry Daisy, but they do have a general blood illnesses one.

Please see my side-bar for more information.

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