Hope of Deliverance

As you probably all know, I have been a vegetarian since 26th August 2010 (I didn’t know the date off by heart, I had to look it up) and since then it has been a really important issue in my life; as much as recycling, the environment and sexuality freedom.  I only wish that I  become vegetarian sooner. I now see that my dad was right. Thank you daddy.

It has been easier for me to give up meat than it has been for me to give up most things; livejournal, procrastination, my phone and the internet but I have been met with subtle hostility and people who seem to think they can change my mind. Well here’s the truth- you can’t. The meat trade is one of the most disgusting things that has ever evolved from the human race and I am ashamed of the support it received from me for nineteen years.

You cannot justify it, you cannot excuse it. All you do is ignore it so that you can continue living in ignorant bliss. If you can watch the entire of this video and still tell me that you find meat to be an acceptable food, then you should probably seek help. If these were humans, you’d be campaigning the government at the earliest chance and you know it.

If, after viewing this video, you decide that it is time to change your eating habits then please sign up to the VegPledge for thirty days. Try not taking part in the slaughter of animals and see how good it feels to not have your body running on corpse flesh

Quorn, Linda McCartney and Cauldron make fantastic meat substitutes where you can hardly tell the difference; meat-eaters have been surprised when they found that I’d served them veggie versions of their favourite meals. All the major supermarkets make an own brand version as well. I can personally attest to Morrisons and Asda’s products being as good as the real thing.

The bottom line: meat is murder. By eating meat you support the meat industries. I don’t care if you buy free range meat, the animals still died to be on your plate. How can you be perfectly okay with eating rotten decaying corpses?

Swap to vegetarianism and;

  • lose weight –  Vegetarian food has up to 80% less fat than even lean meat. That’s a lot of fat.
  • improve your health –  Vegetarians live longer and suffer less from diseases such as hypertension, obesity, coronary artery disease, certain kinds of cancer and diabetes.
  • save animals –  In the UK alone, more than three million animals a day are slaughtered to go on your plate. These animals have led lonely, cramped, disease-ridden lives on factory farms.
  • save the environment – Rainforests are cleared for grazing; methane from livestock causes global warming; soil is eroded by cattle; slurry poisons waterways; and the seas are laid to waste by overfishing.
  • save the third world – While 750 million people go to bed hungry every night, one-third of the world’s grain is fed to farmed animals. A typical Western meat-based diet can only feed 2.5 billion people: a plant-based diet will feed every one of us.

 The global appetite for meat and the industrial techniques of the meat industry are destroying the Earth.

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