Not ready to make nice

The NUS has advised students to stop campaigning for lower tuition fees.

Instead they asked student leaders and university leaders to discuss where the fees should be spent because they worry that without money from fees; universities will be under more pressure and cut courses

The NUS still opposes any increase in fees and instead would like to see a Graduate Tax scheme introduced, which would charge people based on their post-graduate earnings rather than the subject they studied.

MP Stephen Twig, who was the NUS president in 1990, said last Friday that he agreed with the introduction of the Graduate Tax.

He also said: “I think it’s ironic that [by raising the fees] the government has politicized a new whole generation.”

Universities in England are currently debating the fee levels they will be introducing in 2012.

Imperial College London has become the first to officially set their fees to the maximum of £9000 and it look like Oxford and Cambridge are to follow.

The government, however, warned that the top fees are only to be used for exceptional standards, because the government still shoulders the national student loans.

Also any universities wishing to charge above the £6000 base rate will have to set up plans to encourage applications from poorer students and support them financially.

Universities who do not provide this access could face losing the right to charge higher fees.

Dean Curral, Edge Hill Student Union’s president said on that this will mean many future students will leave university with about £45,000 debt.,

He also said: “For Edge Hill students, there will possibly be a cut in Arts degrees such as Journalism, Media, Sociology, etc.”

But he also said that he believes Edge Hill will turn into a specialist university for three or four major qualifications and that the people studying for these degrees could end up with oone of the best degrees in the country.

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