Intriguing Possibilities

The Social Cinema?

Warner Bros has announced its plan to stream some of its movies via Facebook.
This service is being launched in the US but if it takes off, it could soon be available in the UK.
It works in almost the same way as a dvd-rental shop; the user is charged 30 Facebook credits (£1.85) and then they have 48 hours to watch the film.
“It gives consumers a simple, convenient way to access and enjoy our films through the world’s largest social network,” a Warner Bros statement said.
While Warner Bros are the first of the Hollywood studios to do this, it could pave the way for other film companies to do the same.
The first film to be released on Facebook is Batman: The Dark Knight, starring the late Heath Ledger.
Although, don’t hold your breath for The Social Network to be screened anytime soon.


One thought on “Intriguing Possibilities

  1. Vikki says:

    This is so intreguing! Thanks for the tip off.
    I really hope your last line was meant to be funny, because I laughed alot.

    My favourite of your articles tend to be the ones that teach me on the happenings in the world today… I feel like I learn alot from you!



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