I understand that in practice, arresting and detaining the head of a terrorist organisation would have been a suicide mission for the Americans. His people would have gone to free him and it would have caused countless more deaths.

I know that there is no way he would have received a fair trial in a jury of his peers. I know there would have been riots outside the courthouse and it would have cost billions for the Americans to conduct a safe trial.

I know that no one I knew died in 9/11 or the ‘War on Terror’ so I might have felt different  if I had been so unfortunate.

I know this would have renewed the war. I know that in war, the act of murder is legalised. I know that in war it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice the few to save the many.

I know that justice is different to legal. I know that wrong is sometimes right. I know the world isn’t black and white.

However, I can’t help but think this is a terrible day for the legal system. The legal system in every democracy in the world which provides the right to a fair trial for any defendant.

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