I am not the type of girl who has been planning her wedding since she was five so I imagine that it’ll be an uphill struggle for my future husband and I to plan our wedding. I might just elope… I can’t imagine that I want much more than fifty people (total) there anyhow.

However, wedding fever has gripped the nation (and a few of my friends) this year so I am constantly bombarded by wedding paraphernalia but I’m enjoying myself. Although, I don’t have any input into their weddings I’m still offering my ideas and poring over wedding blogs at every chance I get. This may be as girlie as I get.

The Dress

I like the idea of a fifties wedding, purely so that I don’t have to wear a traditional meringue dress. The dress shown in this picture is relatively simple and the red underskirt adds a dash of  excitement.

I also need a dress which hides my rather large butt, so a bigger skirt is essential.

Although, I am not opposed to a country wedding. Brad Paisley’s Then playing for my first dance. The biggest plus would of course be the opportunity to wear cowboy boots rather than heels.The Venue

Ideally, it would be in a castle… much like the Cinderella Castle but alas, I cannot afford that. Not even with cast member discount.

Okay, now for something more in my price range. I’m not religious so I don’t like the idea of getting married in a church- it seems very false to pretend that I am to get married in a pretty place. I’ve got the images of a hotel or museum in my mind. A building where I could hold both the ceremony and the reception.

I would like it to have a vintage feel, that would work with both county and fifties, right?

Coppery/ bronze jewellery would add to the vintage theme which is good because I hate gold anyway.

Items like this could be used around the venue and then used to decorate my future house.

This could be used as a guest book, where the guests leave notes for the happy couple.

I’d like to drape fairy lights over the outside of the venue so that we could dance outside when the sun went down, this would mean it would need to be a summer wedding.

The Food

I like the idea of having a cupcake (or two) for each  person rather than a massive cake to split between my guests. Also, there is the opportunity to theme cupcakes for the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids.

I also like the idea of putting sweeties into heart shaped bowls and placing them around the reception hall.

Dedicated to Wills&Kate, Tom&Gi, Mel&Dave and Sarah&Luke. May you always love as strong as you do today.

One thought on “Then

  1. Vikki says:

    awwww, I love this!
    I can’t wait to attend this wedding. But who will be the groom? Brad Paisley? Dougie Pointer? Gabe Saporta? Mike Carden?


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