Why do #BlackLivesMatter?

In the same vein as Straight Pride, International Men’s Day and White History Month, people that think #AllLivesMatter have completely missed the point.

You don’t need a hashtag to tell people why you shouldn’t be killed, you don’t need a march to for people to respect your sexuality and you don’t need a day to celebrate your gender because if you’re white, straight and male, the deck is already stacked in your favour.

Yes all lives do matter but at the moment we’re trying to put a focus on the fact that black people are disproportionally targeted by police forces, black people are more likely to suffer discrimination and abuse from law enforcement than white people for the exact same behaviour and that people who MURDER black teenagers will receive a lighter sentence.

Women or LGBT people of colour experience sexism or homophobia coupled with racism so they’re doubly marginalised by the dominant culture. If we ignore racial issues when talking about other social justice issues, then we will never solve the problem.

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