Breaking News: The Tampon Tax is Toast



Menstrual Hygiene Day in Amra Padatik, India.


So you may remember that a few weeks back, we discussed the Tampon Tax which levies a 5% tax on UK menstrual products.


Well today, the ‘luxury’ tax on products for people with periods is gone.

Over the past month, our newsfeeds have been filled with debate from politicians and the public. Here are some of our favourites.

The EU won’t allow Britain to remove the tax: Technically true but if we worked together we could have all EU member states scrap the tax. Ireland already has no tampon tax because that was the law in place when they joined the EU and Hungary pays 27% on menstrual products. That’s hardly the equality the EU is striving for.

Osborne plans to use the tax to help fund women’s refuges: Thanks, George, way to point out that refuges and shelters that help women and children escape domestic violence should be funded by women (the primary buyers of tampons) rather than society as a whole because domestic violence and child abuse are everyone’s issues.



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