April Shout Out: THINX improved its trans-policy and we’re celebrating

Recently I was watching Chescaleigh on Youtube and she discussed something that I feel is very important for social justice warriors everywhere.

It’s essential to call people out on shitty behaviour but it’s just as important to give a shout out when people do something great.



My shout out for April goes to THINX; a company which created period underwear which is designed to replace disposable menstrual products. It’s better for the environment and your va-jay-jay. With every pair of panties bought, they donate money to help girls in Uganda stay in school by providing them with menstrual products.

I’m choosing to celebrate THINX this month because they’re creating period underwear for trans-men. This move is incredibly important because cis-women aren’t the only ones that have periods and trans-men may not be comfortable with styles like hiphugger, thong and cheeky It’s important to recognise this and work to be more inclusive.


Screengrab from THINX Newsletter

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