Dog and baby discuss Olympic dreams and winning America’s Got Talent

The thoughts of babies and animals are always somewhat a mystery to humans; that’s why there are so many books decoding animal behaviour and apps which figure out if your baby is hungry or tired based on the pitch of its cry. So when we see a baby and a dog communicating we ask ourselves, ‘what are they saying?’ and ‘is it about me?’

Of course, it’s very unlikely that they are talking about me; we’ve never met. They could be hatching an elaborate plan to sneak treats from the kitchen counter or maybe the dog is preparing the baby for the 2028 Olympic high jump or they might be trying to get mommy to put Homeward Bound on. Of course, the most likely scenario is that they’re preparing their entry for next year’s America’s Got Talent. I think they’ve got a shot at winning, you know. #AGT2016

Please note: I make no claim to the video. I stumbled across it online and now I want a husky dog.

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