Shout Out: Gladly

Have you ever wanted to raise money for charity without really doing anything?

Well now, you can.

Gladly is a wonderful company with two extensions for Google Chrome; GoodBlock and Tab for a Cause.


Good Block allows you to block ads across the web and it gives you the option to watch one ad per day and raise money for charity.



You can choose to ‘whitelist’ certain sites so that you’ll still see ads (and gather revenue for content creators that you like).

I’ve only been using GoodBlock for one day but it’s certainly nice not to feel like a scumbag for blocking ads.

Tab for a Cause allows you to earn one ‘heart’ per tab you open; if you work on the internet, you can earn a damn lot.

Shout Out1

You can customise the tab to choose the background, show your favourite sites and even incorporate apps into the page.


On both extensions, you donate the hearts to one of 8 charities; there’s no minimum or maximum donation.

the charities

Then you get a friendly message from the charity, thanking you for your donation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the two weeks that I’ve been using Tab for a Cause, I’ve raised:


Overall Tab for a Cause has raised:


all tabbers


Add the extensions and start changing the world.



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