A message for fellow Remain campaigners

I’ll just lay it out: today is a dark day for the UK.

A dark day that I genuinely thought would not come.

And I blame us; I blame myself. We all could have done more but the Remain camp became complacent; the pollsters, the bookies, and even the Leave camp were sure that Brexit was dead.

I know, I know. This campaign has been frustrating for all Remain campaigners: merely trying to fact-check the debates nearly drove me insane (FYI: Turkey is not joining the EU). It’s hard to fight using the facts -as best as they can be determined- when the opposition compares the EU to the Nazi party (mocking up posters of Angela Merkel as Hitler), tells you the President of the United States is predisposed to hate England because he’s Kenyan and repeatedly uses a figure of £350million which they were told was false.

How do you compete with that kind of fear-mongering, purposefully misleading, racist crap?

Now Brexit has thrown the UK into dangerous waters; we threw away our map, so now  I guess we’re following the stars (do we have a navigator?) and our captain wants to give someone else a turn at steering. I don’t blame him, tbf; I wouldn’t want that shipwreck on my record.

The majority of experts rejected the idea, the majority of world leaders (exceptions being Trump and Putin!) rejected the idea but hey, what do those eggheads know?

Our economy has plummeted, Scotland and Ireland might leave and the implications of this are being felt far beyond our shores. All this, despite Brexiters saying that it wouldn’t happen. They were warned and they don’t have a backup plan.

For Remain campaigners, I want to say this; you are allowed one weekend to mope and bitch and to decry referendums. On Monday, however, we need to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off; because our real fight begins. We  have negotiations to start and a course to plot.

We need to protect the hard-won rights of the British public; we need to protect our environmental laws, our workers’ rights and our policies at home and abroad.

We also have to hold the Leave camp to account for the promises they made during the campaign. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s my recommendations for questions about #BrexitPromisesBrokenByBreakfast.

  • Hey Boris, where’s that £350million that you said would be coming back to the NHS?
  • Hey Gove, where are those controls on migration? (Not something I care about, but some people do)
  • Hey Farage, where’s our single market?
  • Hey Stewart, where’s my cheaper energy bills?
  • Hey, Mourdaunt, where the sovereignty in MPs picking Cameron’s sucessor?

For reference, this is the open letter from VoteLeave to the British public; I’ll leave it up to you to sort the outright lies from the shady promises.



There is a petition asking for a second referendum; I haven’t signed it yet because so many people have signed it that the site has crashed. Whether it will do any good is yet to be seen but for anyone who wants to describe this move as petty, I’d like to remind you the Farage wanted to call for a second referendum if the vote was close.

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