August Shout Out: Lucy Gavaghan

I want to take a minute to tell you about a young woman called Lucy- she’s only 14 and she’s already leaving her mark on the world.

Over 2016, Lucy has been taking on the big UK supermarkets over battery hens- and she has won!

Lucy Gavaghan was horrified when she found out that the supermarkets were selling eggs from hens who are kept in cages smaller than an “A4 sheet of paper”. Lucy owns several chickens, knew that this was a fucking abomination – I doubt she said that; she seems very polite.

She took a stand.

She started petitions on

She took her story to the national press.

She inspired hundreds and thousands of people across the UK to sign and share.

Tesco, Morrisons, and Asda have all announced plans to stop selling eggs from caged hens.

She beat big business.


Lucy, I raise my glass to you. In fact, in four years’ time, I’ll buy you whatever alcoholic drink you prefer. You’ve made the world a brighter place; cheers to you.



Your effort proves that one person can make a difference and that everybody should try.

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