Speaking Out About Anxiety

Barbra Streisand

Billy Joel

This is Vinny Vaillancourt from the Youtube channel VSquared where he hosts regular  vlogs with his husband Luke.


I’ve said before one this blog and I’ll no doubt say again, that one of the most important things we can do is speak up about mental health and illness. It normalises the issue and means that more people will feel comfortable about seeking help.

It not only destigmatizes mental illness, it also deromanticises it.

Certain media, particularly media marketed towards teenagers, contributes to the romanticisation of mental illness, which leads to the idea that mental illness is something that we can choose or something that we need in order to embrace our creativity.

It’s not.

Yes, there are creative legends who have suffered from mental illness but correlation does not equal causation.

Audrey Hepburn

Barbra Streisand

Billy Joel

Bruce Springsteen

Cara Delevingne

Christina Ricci

Demi Lovato

Dougie Poynter

Drew Barrymore

Ellen DeGeneres

Elton John

Emma Thompson

Heath Ledger

J. K. Rowling

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Kerry Washington

Kristen Bell


Pete Wentz

Robin Williams

Stephen Fry

Tom Fletcher

Trevor Noah

Walt Disney



These people, and so many others, do not owe their creativity to their struggles with mental illness.

They are creative in spite of their mental illness, not because of it.

And these are lies:

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