A few weeks ago, a friend forwarded me a personality test to take.

The results were somewhat surprising…


Extroverted? Seriously?

Well, it’s more close run than all that…


But okay so why is this worth a whole post on Mental Health Monday?


Because it made me feel good about myself and in a year when that has been punctuated with death and/or serious illnesses of family and friends, a year when I’ve been referred to the Solent Recovery College and a year where I’ve realised that some people pretend to be your friend until you aren’t 100% behind them at all times, I think it’s high time I felt good about myself.

I thrive in “a supportive and people-orientated environment” which is probably why I left my last job, without really having a backup plan or a safety net.

Credit This Week with John Oliver

Credit: This Week with John Oliver

I need a flexible job that allows me to take on a variety of challenges and give me the chance to use my creativity and organisation.

According to the site, I have “excellent people skills”- which would surprise anyone I’ve ever met on a dating site- and that I strive to understand others, encourage them, and bring out the best in them.


You are warm, gracious, charming and creative, with a rich insight to what motivates and moves other people. Your special ability to genuinely help people makes the ENFJ a truly valued person.






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