3 Common Treehugger Trip-Ups and How to Fix Them

  1. Accidently Taking a Plastic Bag


I know how you feel, sometimes you’re on your way to your friend’s house and then they text, asking you to pick up some Ben and Jerry’s or a bottle of soda (apparently, my friends and I still act like teens) which you can’t fit in your handbag.


Or you’ve been to Subway and you were so caught up choosing which cookie to have that you forgot to say “I don’t need a bag”.

So what can you do?

  • Reuse the bag but if you’re already overflowing with reuseable bags you probably don’t want to.
  • Donate it to a friend that doesn’t have an outstanding reusable bag collection.
  • Donate it to your local charity shop, as smaller causes don’t have the money to create their own.
  • You can also recycle used and broken carrier bags  at most supermarkets.

2. You bought bottled water

You were in a rush when you left the house and your reusable bottle is still on the table. If you go back, you’ll be late but you can’t go without water until you get back. You’ll have to stop in on the way and grab a bottle.


Now you could reuse it but you already have a metal bottle and you’ve read some of the unsubstantiated cancer claims on the internet.

Regardless, you don’t want to just recycle it. What can you do?

Plant Waterer


Via The Gardening Cook

Light Piece

The Daily Green

Via The Daily Green

Bird Feeders

So Creative

Via So Creative

3. You ordered take-out and you’re worried about how to recycle the containers

I am as lazy as you and I love take-out; all kinds. But the packaging, oh no.

I’m eternally grateful that my council will take chip-shop paper and pizza boxes as long as you don’t leave any food remnants on the packing; I have never left remnants of take-out in my life.

Not all councils will take them with kerbside recycling, though. If your’s doesn’t then you can compost the paper and cardboard -tear it up first or it will take ages to degrade; you can even soak it in a little water to speed up the process.


No compost bin? Not even at your local dump?

You could offer it to local gardeners on Facebook.


If all else fails, tear the top of the box off; it’s usually less greasy and can still be recycled. It at least cuts down on the waste.


So I help that this has helped you out this Treehugger Tuesday; what are some of your Treehugger trip-ups? Let me know in the comments below.

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