Everything is problematic

It seems like just about everything is problematic, doesn’t it? That’s probably because everything is.

Celebrities are problematic because they’re human; media is problematic because it’s created by humans (with the exception of Rupert Murdoch who NASA recently declared a black hole of hate); activists are problematic because we’re human- and a little bit of pitbull.

In fact, if you want to love something without needing to question its ethics…try your pet.

What is problematic?

As Laci Green once said:

laci green

you don’t have to hate someone’s music just because you hate something they said



you don’t have to boycott media because it doesn’t live up to all of your ethics




The important thing is to always think critically about what you read, listen to or watch. You can enjoy Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, without excusing the cultural appropriation in the video.


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