The art of the wordsmith

A writer needs to have a wide vocabulary, a fantastic knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Those are the fundamentals; writers must be able to convey information clearly and concisely.

Good writers need a sense of humour, a fervent interest in the world around them and the ability to find the human aspect in any narrative. When these traits combine with the advanced communication skills, a special kind of writing happens; the kind that transports you from your terraced-house in Hampshire to the centre of the Syrian civil war, fair Verona where we lay our scene or Gatsby’s dock staring at the green light.


This writing turns the simplest – and sometimes dullest- topics into engaging content that stays with you long after you recycle the newspaper or, more likely, close the SkyNews app on your phone.


National Day on Writing; October 20, 2016.

#WhyIWrite Because I need to




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