October Shout Out: The I Am Whole Campaign

When you see mental health issues discussed in the media, it’s usually during conversations about crime or budget cuts.

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The majority of people with mental health issues do not commit crimes, and of those who do, the vast majority are nonviolent (shoplifting etc). In fact, they are much more likely to be a danger to themselves than anyone else.

I understand that my reluctance to log into Facebook because it triggers me isn’t ‘sexy’; “Millenial won’t use FB because everything she sees on there is terrible” won’t be screaming at you from the MailOnline’s front page. I know that my friend’s belief that she looks “ugly” without makeup (and will rarely even let me see her without makeup) isn’t going to sell many papers.

These are real, everyday struggles that people with mental health issues face.

That’s where ‘I Am Whole’ comes in; getting people to share their mental health stories with researchers to go beyond the statistics. The Campaign as a whole (!) is designed to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness; a stigma that prevents young people from seeking help.

#IAmWhole #mentalhealth

A photo posted by Emma Smurphy (@_mainstreamqueen) on Oct 15, 2016 at 4:29am PDT


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