How can I reuse my spent credit cards?

So, we’re carrying around a lot of plastic in our wallets. Don’t believe me?

Credit Card Pile

Nine cards that I use so infrequently that I don’t even have them in my purse

I  have another 15 cards in my purse at all times. And I have to replace approx 3 cards per year, either because the chip stopped working or  I changed banks or I got another credit card or I signed up for a store card to get rewards.

Hmm… it might not seem like much but it all adds up.

So can you recycle them?

Erm… not really.

The plastic isn’t the type that can be recycled at kerbside in the UK and it also contains an electronic chip which messes with recycling equipment.

Also, there’s a financial security  risk. Granted, I’m not searching through someone’s recycling bin for a spent credit card and it’s much more likely that someone would steal your information via an online hack. Still, I wouldn’t take the risk.


Okay, so how can I reuse the cards?



Damn, those are good.

Oh I know but the best thing you can do is to reduce them all together; download store card apps to your phone (i.e. SubCard and Costa), cut down the number of credit cards  you have (probably better financially as well) and don’t accept cards you don’t need (No, I don’t want a Starbucks Card; I don’t even have one near me).


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