Feed the World – Do they know it’s Christmas time?

My grandad hates receiving presents. He will tell you that he has enough stuff and he really doesn’t need another book or a DVD or a mug with World’s Best Grampy on it.

However, if you absolutely must get him something, he’ll appreciate a donation to charity.

Now, I talked about this in my Atheist Shoebox Appeal post but as a rule, I don’t like donating money to something that contradicts my beliefs, even if I know that the good will outweigh the harm.

So one of the biggest problems that treehuggers like me face around the Christmas period (or my grandad’s birthday) is choosing a charity that helps provide food for the hungry without exploiting animals.


In recent years, this has proved immensely hard for me to find (and resulted in a lot of donations for books and educational supplies instead) but this year, I’ve found the answer: VegFarm.

They will provide vegetarian food for families in need, which is good for the families and good for the environment.


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