Christmas Wrappings

So one thing that really bugs me is wrapping paper. It is seriously the thing I only thing I don’t like about getting a present. It costs like £3 a roll and goes straight into someone’s bin the next day! It’s a complete waste of money and the  environment!!

So here are some ways to cut down on your gift wrap bills.

1) Newspaper

Either use the paper that you currently buy, pick up the Metro from your local station or the Evening Standard if you live in London.

Source: Pinterest

Also please note, this guide to making these beautiful newspaper bags – you might need to translate the page unless you’re using Google Chrome.

Source: Pinterest

2) Maps

An interesting thing to do is to wrap your presents in maps. It’s unique, pretty and free!!! You can use any type; particularly old, outdated road maps (doesn’t everyone use sat-nav’s now?). This site tells you where you can get US maps and guides for free in the post. Not all of them will post to the UK but still, it’s pretty cool that some do.

UPDATE: I ordered maps from about 40 states. As you can imagine, my parents find the sheer amount of post I got this week hilarious.

Source: Pinterest

3) Free Giftwrapping

Some stores (Accessorize) very nicely offer you free gift wrapping depending on the type of things you buy. Whenever I have bought jewelry from there, they have wrapped it in tissue paper and put it in one of their nice boxes.

Unfortunately, I have no photo of this because I have not been there this year.


4) Plastic Bags

We’re not talking about presenting the gift in the store bag complete with receipt  That’s a little too much like ‘ I forgot about you, so I picked the first thing I saw on the way here’. Instead, with a little creativity, you can re-purpose them like below.

Source: Pinterest

5) Brown Paper

It’s a lot cheaper that wrapping paper and it looks really classy as well, especially if you top it off with a nice bow.

Source: Pinterest

6) Make your own cards

It’s a lot cheaper than buying from a chain store and a lot more personal. There’s a chance to really show off you creative side and look how easy these are.


Source: Pinterest

7) eCards

These are free on most sites and come in a variety of styles (religious, comedy, traditional). The best part is that the last day for posting is Christmas Eve, a lot better than Royal Mail.

My favourite is

8) Gift Tags

I cut up old Christmas cards to make tags for this year’s presents.  You can either punch a hole through it or tape it on.

Source: Emma Murphy (me)

Source: Emma Murphy (me)

9) Bows and Ribbons

I love these but they’re hella expensive for something that goes in the bin. So why not may your own?

I feel the fabric one could be made from scrap, such as from around treat boxes and the hanging loops inside clothes.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

The paper ones could be made from a child’s ‘artwork’ (I’ve seen my own recently and it was worse than that below) or a magazine page.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

10) Paper Bags

I’m a big supporter of re-using so I’ve wrapped my friends’ presents in old paper bags. The green striped one came from a calendar I bought last year. The zebra-striped bag came from something I bought on holiday in South Africa (it contains my dad’s present and he’s from South Africa so I thought it was appropriate). The lips bag was from The Body Shop. I think they’ll make a statement under any tree.



Source: Emma Murphy (me)

Source: Emma Murphy (me)

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