On White Privilege and my experience with the Police

In 2013, I was on my way back from a festival with a couple of girlfriends; we didn’t have much money so we decided to walk to the station rather than take a cab. As none of us could get the GPS working on our phones we followed the directions of a festival employee.

We were walking on the sidewalk next to a normal road for a little while but the road gave way into a motorway and the sidewalk gave way into a grass verge. Then the police pulled up.


You won’t be surprised to learn that walking alongside a motorway is illegal (and for good reason). They asked us what we were thinking and told us that we were could be arrested and fined.


The police knew there was no way they could just leave us there and told us to get in the car. They dropped us at the station (train, not police) and told us not to do anything stupid like that ever again.

My experience with the police has never been anything but positive, even when I’ve been doing something wrong, but I have to consider that my experience with them could be very different if I wasn’t white.



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