Film Night Friday #6: The Rite (15)

Welcome to the first Film Night Friday of 2017. This month, I’ve selected The Rite.

It’s not Halloween, so why am I watching this one now?

Well, today is the halfway point (near enough) between Anthony Hopkins birthday (31.12) and Colin O’Donoghue (26.1)… that and it came up in my recommended films on Netflix.

Order in some pizza and prepare to hide under your blanket; it’s time for Film Night Friday.

This based on true events thriller, follows Michael Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue), a young priest whose scepticism of Catholicism lands him on an exorcism training course in Rome.

While there, he is under the instruction of Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), an exorcist with more than twenty years experience. Kovak remains sceptical; concerned about the welfare of people he believes to be mentally ill rather than being possessed, until the time comes when he has to perform the exorcism of Father Lucas.

Hopkins gives a brilliant performance as the unconventional Father Lucas and O’Donoghue, who makes his film debut with this role, is believable as the priest who does not believe in God.

While this film provides some heart pounding scary moments, the atmosphere is interrupted by comedy moments, which do not add to the story; such as Father Lucas answering his phone in the middle of an exorcism, which would be more at home in the Scary Movie series.




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