All aboard the railcard train

Travel is the one thing we buy that makes us richer


Teves Costa | Flickr

It’s a beautiful sentiment but a ‘cheap’ rail site has a £110 return train ticket from my local station to my friend’s.

I nearly vomited at the cost.

£110 for an off-peak return?

Booked a month in advance?





That’s not affordable.


At the minimum wage of £7.20, that’s 15 hours hard work.


Are you kidding me?


In a future post, I’ll give you some tips and tricks for saving money on train fares but my best advice to you is to get a railcard.

They cost around £30 a year and save you 1/3 on trail travel. Based on this trip, I’d make my money back with only one journey so it can be a great investment if you like to travel within the UK.

Right now, Tesco is letting you  swap Clubcard points for a railcard! Order while stocks last.


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