how to fight back against Trump

Here’s a post I hoped that I wouldn’t have to write.


Sigh! What happened?

william beckett trump insta.jpg

Change your spending habits

Donate to organisations that will be affected by the Trump administration, like The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood and Earth Justice.

The Trump Administration will not champion women’s rights, LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter, non-Christian religious freedoms. We have to.

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Here’s a list of pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-POC, pro-Earth groups that need your help.

Not sure where you’ll get the money? Boycott Pro-Trump businesses: Here’s a helpful list


Hold Trump to his good promises

-Job Creation

-Get rid of the TPP

-Drain the Swamp

-Rebuild Infrastructure

-End the Iran Deal

-Save Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security

-Never be in a bicycle race (yeah, no one wants to see you in Lycra!)


Criticise his shitty policies (…most of them)

-Merry Christmas (Fuck you, Trump! I’m gonna wish everyone I know Happy Holidays and  Kwanza and Hannakuh, even if I never get another Christmas present ever again

-Defund Planned Parenthood

-Ban on Muslims entering the US

-Muslim Registry

-Kick out refugees

-Jail Hillary; just try Donnie

-Be Unpreditable (do you mean unstable Don?)

Support those close to you

There are women, LGBT people, POC, immigrants, young people who you know, who are scared, terrified, petrified right now.

Scared because their country just told them, that they don’t matter. This election makes any marginalised person feel like nearly half the country said they wanted a bigot in charge.

They need support so check in with them, be strong for them, be there for them.


rowan blanchard insta election.jpg

If you are scared, I’m sorry. I want to help. What help do you need?

Call out hate speech and acts!


The Midterms are in 2018 (that’s next year). If you can fill the Senate with people who support LGBT rights, believe in science and will work to support ALL Americans, you can help America.


rowan blanchard vote insta.jpg

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