I’m into something good

Valentine’s Day is traditionally reserved for loved-up couples but this year let’s make it for the single folks – those of us who walk straight past card shops with their garish displays of construction paper hearts and stuffed animals big enough to re-enact a horror film.

The holiday is colloquially known as Singles Awareness Day (SAD). It seems to suggest that those without a partner become depressed around the middle of February because they don’t have someone to spend this day with. False.


Are you any less of a valued person because on Tuesday you won’t have a date? No. Here’s the secret; it is just like any other day- you don’t even get a day off work.

So if you happen to be single this Valentine’s Day, then here are some ways you can have fun without that special someone;



• Treat yourself to a home pampering session This one’s probably more one for the girls but we don’t like to judge. Superdrug has a huge range of vegetarian/ vegan beauty products for under a fiver, so instead of making yourself up for a date, you can look better for you.





• Have a movie night Get together with your flatmates, single friends or just your duvet and watch a movie. Junk food + a good film = a great start to the week.






• Host a singles party Hold your own Valentine’s Day party- the catch? No couples allowed. Invite your single friends, get them to invite their single friends and so on. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.




However you’re spending Valentine’s Day and whoever you’re spending it with, have fun and stay safe.

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