Lent- Student Edition

Lent is the forty-day period between Pancake Day and Easter Saturday when people traditionally give up bad habits to see if they can make a permanent change. Everyone reading this will have something different to give up and a different reason to do it but what will you give up?

For students, Lent is rather conveniently placed at a time of year when a lot of coursework needs to be handed in and exams need to be studied for; so why not use it to give up partying or at least cut-down? Then, you don’t just come out with more money but a better degree as well.



If you think this is a bit too hard for you, don’t worry, you do get Sundays off; which you can delegate to partying on Saturday nights and sleeping off the hangover on Sunday morning.

If you are one of the few, who have no vices (or you are one of the many who think that you don’t) why not give up something for charity?  Get people to sponsor you and not only do you get to feel good, you get to do good. After all Red Nose Day is just around the corner.


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